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AtheneAthene, from Chalcidian amphora, c. 540 B.C.

The Oldest Europeans by J.F. del Giorgio

Who are we? Were do we come from? What made European women different?

Table of Contents

Chronological Tables 5

Introduction 15

1-The Oldest Europeans 22

2-The Men from the Stone 32

3-The Blood Trail 40

4-The Italian Euzkos 49

5-The Greek Euzkos 63

6-Rebirth 75

7-Cherchez la Femme 85

8-The Old Religion 97

9-The Founding Fathers 123

10-The Beginning of the End 129

11-The Fall 139

12-Orea Eleni 145

13-The Wanderer 164

14-The Witch Hunt Starts 173

15-Our Own Stone Roots 194

16-An Astonishing Map 204

17-The Oldest Language 209

18-What Homer did not Tell 221

19-Return 240

20-Further Readings 247

21-Index 259

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