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Athene from Attic amphora
Athene from Attic amphora, c. 625 B.C.

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12-Orea Eleni

The best way to kidnap a princess - Helen, the dream girl - Portrait of a Queen-Priestess at Lacedemonia - Herbs, rituals and business managing - Hallucinogens anyone? - Chignons, indiscreet moles and tiaras - What a dress!! - The dazzling beauty parades at the procession - To be the social and political center - Some marriages can be difficult - Helen makes a political move - Menelaus looks for help - Priam’s ambitions - Pelasgian backing? - The fall - Julius Caesar’s revenge - Agamemnon gets the double ax - Menelaus and his worries - Helen’s viewpoint - The last days of Helen - The last feminine political bastion - Sudden night for women - Basques had said it all.

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